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Ring 198
The Ring 198 Application

Suggestion: Highlight the entire application form by clicking on the beginning of the text with your left mouse button. Hold the button down while you drag the mouse pointer down the screen. After all the text is highlighted you are going to release your mouse button and then hold the CTRL key down and press C. Open up Wordpad or Notepad and click your mouse's left button again when you are on the open notepad's screen. Now press and hold the Ctrl key and press V. You have copied and pasted the application form. Now just print out the application from there and fill it out and bring it to one of the meetings listed on the schedule page! Presto!

Name (please print): _________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________

Birth Date:________________



Please check a response for each item below:

How long ago did your interest in magic begin?

__ 1-5 yrs ___ 5-10 yrs __ over 10 yrs ago

Approximately how many magic books do you own or have you read?

__ 1-5 __ 5-10 __ over 10

Approximately how much magic equipment do you own?

__ Commercial magic set __ 1-10 tricks __ over 20 tricks

What are your current goals in magic?

__ Stage Performance __Close up magic __ Hobby

__ Self Confidence __ Professional __ Fellowship

__ Passive Appreciation __ Not interested in performing

__ Building Apparatus

What inspired your interest in magic? (Check all that apply)

__ TV magic shows __ Live magic shows

__Reading about it __Relative or friend magician

__ Other (please describe)


The Magician's Oath

I promise I will always guard against exposing the secrets of magic, whether through lack of practice before performing, or through explanation to any person not entitled to know the secrets. I make this promise seriously, realizing that in violating it, I am not only violating my word of honor, but I am violating the trust and rights of all other magicians who, by the very nature of their form of entertainment, are entitled to the preservation of the secrets of magic.

Signature: __________________________ Date: ______